Digitization and unbundling of education

Digital technology changes the way education is provided to students. Thousands of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s), provided by world class universities, are already functional and the number is steadily increasing. These MOOC’s can also be used to support blended learning: a mix of online education and in-classroom education.

Digitization of education allows units of learning to be offered as an independent service. This includes being able to use and reuse digital content in many settings and bundled to support different learning outcomes. It might also involve a teacher, for instance, hired to teach human anatomy to eighth graders, rather than general biology to all middle-school grades. These freelance “teacherpreneurs” rotate between multiple schools. The unbundled education system could provide greater room for creativity, taking the basic elements of education and reassembling them in a way better suited to the evolving needs of learners.

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