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Using data to redefine the business model in Washington and Florida

Washington and Florida are two state governments using advanced analytics to shift practices from reactive to proactive. The state of Washington, for instance, has developed a web-based analytics tool called the Predictive Risk Intelligence System (PRISM) to support interventions for high-risk Medicaid patients. This tool integrates information from state medical, social service, behavioral health, and long-term care data systems to provide case managers with a risk score identifying those Medicaid clients most likely to need a comprehensive care approach. The tool tracks data including demographics, latest medical and dental appointments, hospital stays, health conditions, and prescriptions to paint a detailed picture of each client’s unique circumstances.

Similarly, Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice uses predictive analytics to identify which juvenile offenders are most likely to commit new crimes. The aim is to reduce recidivism by using predictors such as past offense history, home-life environment, gang affiliation, and peer associations to place offenders in the best-fit rehabilitation programs.

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