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Project SUNSET in Europe

In Europe, Project SUNSET explored the impact that incentives and gamification might have on transportation choices. The project was spearheaded by players and firms in the information realm, including providers of location-based services, mobile-phone operators, local and national governments and university research centers. The project connected urban mobility managers with users—and users with one another—through smartphone apps, allowing users to receive information tailored to their particular travel behavior. SUNSET also linked with existing roadside sensors to provide real-time traffic information. Users were able to share information about their own experiences on roads or transit, and track their progress in meeting particular goals.

To influence travelling behavior, a smartphone application called Tripzoom was developed featuring challenges and rewards to move smarter. Personalized incentives were offered on the basis of actual travel behavior of the Smartphone user. This is a personalized and multimodal coaching approach to traffic and mobility management, with suitable rewards for good behavior. The ultimate aim was to encourage people to travel sustainably, reduce congestion, increase safety, and protect the environment.

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