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Next-gen connected homes in Portland

Real estate developer Capstone Partners has teamed up with Internet of Things startup IOTAS to offer smart home environments for renters at the Grant Park Village apartments in Portland, Oregon.  Each apartment has various sensors, smart outlets, and switches installed in every room, enabling renters to monitor different aspects of their apartments such as temperature, humidity, lights, motion, and water flow. These systems also track the habits and preferences of the dwellers, and enable renters to create rules to customize their home environment from anywhere and at any time through a mobile app.  For instance, renters could set rules such as:

  • If the renter walks into his bedroom after 10PM, all other apartment lights should automatically turn off and the temperature in the apartment should drop three degrees.
  • If the renter’s boss texts her, the living room lights should blink three times and the television should turn off.

While still exploratory, this type of connectivity could vastly enhance the renter’s convenience and comfort, while also saving energy and reducing costs.

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