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Learning by doing at the MET

Big Picture Learning (BPL) envisions redesigning K-12 and adult education in the United States through the use of personalized learning. The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (MET), the first BPL school, opened in 1996 in Rhode Island. They were given a mandate to design a ‘school for the 21st century’ that would impact the community by producing skilled graduates, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens.

Since its inception, MET students engage in learning outside of the classroom with a mentor who is an expert in the students’ field of interest. Through this Learning Through Interest (LTI) program, Advisors meet with students and mentors at the LTI site to help students develop real-world projects and build long-term personal relationships with their mentors—paving the way for lifelong learning. With LTI, the MET gives academic credit for technology use, both inside and outside the classroom. Students can develop deeper understanding by actually doing and making things and applying their knowledge rather than just gathering information online. The LTI-driven personalized and connected learning approach has equipped MET’s students to transition from school to a career. The school has maintained a 98 percent college acceptance rate.

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