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Aligning business needs with higher education

Corporate enterprises and academic institutions can produce powerful results when they collaborate to deliver academic initiatives grounded in practical applications. Take, for example, the collaboration between Clemson University and BMW, and that between North Carolina State University and Red Hat.

The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research in Greenville, South Carolina, forms a bridge between academic research and practical applications in the automotive industry. It connects university researchers with work performed by companies involved in the automotive industry so that all testing can be done in one place. BMW and the university worked together to develop the center’s curriculum.

NC State, a leading land-grant university, and Red Hat, the world’s largest open-source software company have maintained a symbolic relationship, sharing resources and creating “a robust ecosystem” between the company and the university.

Shifting four-year college programs toward knowledge-creation centers of this sort can benefit companies seeking fresh, highly skilled talent while encouraging healthy competition.

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